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Do i need home video security?

Video Surveillance =Safety, Security & Undisputable Evidence When You Need it.

There’s nothing like the feeling of ‘home’… your home provides a sense of safety, security and comfort unlike any other place you spend your time.

There are some uncomfortable facts that can really take away from this feeling;

A burglary occurs every twenty seconds in the United States.
Police solve about 13% of all reported burglaries, mostly due to a lack of witnesses.

Video evidence is your best recourse to not only prevent a theft, but ultimately recovering your property if a theft does occur.

What Home Video Security System Do I need?

Understanding Security Camera Systems =How many? What kind? 1080p or 4k?

Every home is different and there are equally as many different factors that come into determining what system will be right for you including:

• Size of house
• Indoor / Outdoor
• Lot size
• Intended Use

  • Quality
  • +
  • Range
  • +
  • Features
  • =
  • Valueover life of product
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There are a LOT of companies that will sell you a cloud-connected security camera for $150-250. The resolution on these cameras is usually 720p or 1080p. Reviewers will paint them as top rated, easy solutions. They won’t mention you end up paying between $10-20+ a month for the cloud storage. You end up paying in $120-$240 a year for the “simplicity” of such a setup. Some security systems you end up ‘renting’ the equipemt; which means after you spend all that money you don’t even get to keep the cameras. With a dedicated CCTV security system you have all the footage stored on your DVR.

Your Goal is Security & identification

The first time you have to use your system will be the time it pays for itself.

Any time a home owner needs to utilize the footage from their surveillence system they’re depending on it to capture footage that clearly identifies people or objects day or night. Get the360ª coverage and 24/7 recording you need.

Essential components

  • Resolution
  • Range
  • Dark/light
  • Position

a classic example of video capture that did not lead to a capture

The Jackson County Police Scanner Page is literally filled with Video that lacks enough definition for identification.

Give your home the advantage

360º Service = Equipment + Installation + Apps. // Installation Only = We’ll install your equipment.

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Help Improve Your Community.

Register Your Cameras. // with SCRAM

medford police SCRAM camera registration


Surveillance Camera Registration and Mapping

You can help make Medford Safer simply by registering;

The goal of the camera registry program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Medford Police and the community we serve.  Each registrant will receive a S.C.R.A.M program sticker in the mail that can be posted in a visible area to alert others to your participation in the program.

Register Your Cameras!

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